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Securely preserve your digital inheritance.


Memoorje is alpha software and operated in test mode. That means that any data currently uploaded to this site may be removed or get lost and things might not work as expected. We plan to go live in the late summer of 2023. Support us with a donation or report problems on our help page.

Store photos, letters, passwords or any other data. Encrypted in your browser, safe from our and everyone else’s eyes and accessible only by those you want to.

Digital inheritance should be a public service. That’s why you can use memoorje free of charge. To finance the software development and keep the servers running we rely on donations.

About memoorje

Secure by default

memoorje encrypts your data before it is send to our servers. So even if we wanted to, we would not be able to see the contents.

Social by default

In case of your death the people you’ve defined as recipients of your digital inheritance will be able to open it. No administrators, lawyers, or solicitors are involved.

Open by default

memoorje is free and open source software. Tech-savvy people can audit it and even run their own memoorje with its help.